Make the educated switch to solar
Solar Genius Helps Design And Deploy Your Perfect Solar System.

We simply navigate you through today’s complex solar options.

What's The Solar-Genius all about?
The Solar-Genius is all about accurate solar knowledge!

Clair Hawkins is an aerospace engineer who respects your decision in choosing solar energy to power your home & office. Investing your time is valuable when researching solar energy options, make the best use of it by working with Solar-Genius.

There are many quality solar energy products available today, all quickly advancing towards a future of exciting options to power your home with a consistent source of energy. Clair’s experience as an award-winning scientist provides him the opportunity to help guide you in making a well-informed decision to partner with a reliable solar company to fit your energy needs.

Clair understands there are many reasons smart people choose solar as their energy option, reach out to Solar-Genius to find yours today.

Make the smart switch to solar

What's The Solar-Genius all about?
The Solar-Genius is all about accurate solar knowledge!

Control your energy cost

Losing control of something is bad enough, but never having control in the first place is worse.  Electricity prices are going to continue to rise, take control with solar and never worry about utility rates again.

no upfront costs

Going solar means squashing your current electricity bill. Instead of paying for installation and design, you don’t pay anything till your solar system is on the roof. Then you just use the money you were already spending for electricity to pay the solar off each month! That simple.

produce your own clean energy

It’s your system and your electricity. How cool is that!? You are literally harnessing the energy from the sun to become a real powerhouse, all from your roof!  It's the energy of the future, with over a billion years of reliability.

How will solar energy work for me?
Solar Genius helps design and deploy your perfect solar system.

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Clair Hawkins has helped more people go solar than most companies have in their entire lifetime. Clair's engineering background positions himself to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the solar industry. His life has included multiple national championships and has been in Popular Science and Time for his work.

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